National Book Foundation - Book Ambassador "Mahmood Shaam"
Be it known that
Whereas it is highly desirable, being our present time’s most urgent need, when the common people are gradually abandoning the habit of reading in favour of other easy pastimes like watching television and as a result of which the general level of mental and intellectual ability in society is declining giving rise to unwholesome and socially detrimental trends that seem to be promoting extremist and  violent behavior among some sections of the citizenry; and considering how the study of literature soften and refines human sensibility and that of other useful books widens the scope of knowledge and increases awareness and has a liberalizing effect on people’s thinking and their attitudes towards other, and thus helps in prompting harmony in society and strengthening the force of peace in region and the world; and so, in recognition of the special regard the people have for Mr. MEHMOOD SHAAM for his services in the field of Literature, Journalism and the influence he enjoys in society, the National Book foundation in the fulfillment of its promise and in line with its cherished objectives of promoting books and the habit of study among the people of the country has the pleasure to appoint him as a Book Ambassador with the trust he will make efforts and participate in all activities towards the long and much sought goal of making Pakistan a society in which books are loved, respected and read.